1. Shirley
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He didn’t come here
with a fancy car
just a big heart
And a love that’s full of scars

He didn’t know much
She didn’t wanna love back then
And still didn’t stop him from standing there
And maybe waiting for a kiss

Now You should know
this by now
That If i fall, for u my dear
That id be back again
O Momma can you please tell him that Im gone again.

And that’s alright
Cause he’ll be patient
Cause he didn’t mind
Long as he knew he was waiting
For the love of his life
It’s something he felt it burn in his soul

Shirley one day
You’ll probably say I do
Love me just as much as I love u

Shirley one day
You’ll probably take my hand
Get lost with me
Well run away do all type of crazy things
Like even start a family

And well have kids
And they’ll grow up
And they’ll have kids
And do the same as us
And I’d spend my whole life
Happy that I get to die right next to u


Until the day u say I do
I’ll be right here waiting
Until the day u do

I know you thinkin
I’m not new
to this
another smooth fool With this
Come Through
I hope u see I’m true with this
I bruise with this
Every time u tell me no
I mean I come here everyday
But u always say no

I know
You probably had some complications
I came to try and love u
If you open the door
O please you should probably try and
Work out yourself
Baby your just so cold
That I can’t help myself

But still
That what he did
he came back
With a new smile that killed
She took one look
And fell in love
And the rest was history