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People People

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I wish that I could start to see myself
in a different light
you know like
from completely different perspective
like starting to seeing the light
telling myself that everything will actually be alright
but meaning it this time
and not tryna fight back my tears and cry

who have I become and
who have I been hanging around

so if I cut you off
I just hope you not taking it personal now
certain things
I had to change about myself
and you just didn't fit the picture
and that was something
that I could never help

I really wanted things
to work out
but they didn't

And who am I
to spent the rest of my life
just sitting back wishing

there certain decisions
I had to
hurry up and make with the quickness

if i ever wanted to witness change
and I saw that you wasn't with it

and reflection of self some how
reflects the first impression
so I had no time to be around
people that gave the wrong impressions
I push myself the hardest
so I can learn from all my lessons
If my heart was open
and you took advantage
you had the wrong impression

people people
we just people
different people
in the world
tryna figure out where
we fit in
while we living here

people people
we just people
different people
in a world
hoping other people
forgive us while we living here

coden, trippy packs
mary jane, drinkin bottles back to back
different pills
to make us feel alright

waking up
workin out
go to church
work work
anything to
helping us gettin by

people people
we just people
different people
in the world