About artist

American singer, songwriter. At the age of thirteen I picked up the guitar and began writing songs as a way to cope with the lost of my father. I eventually left the midwest landing me in Los Angeles, CA where I began to record and work on my music more in depth in major recording studios. Which landed one of my hit singles Shirley in the top 20 of 100 on online radio station's and also scoring me an interview in VoyageLA magazine. 

Having the opportunities to be able to grow and do the things that I love the most is very rewarding.  I look forward to growing and getting to know the people that love my music as much as I do. Everything I write in my music is what I've experienced in some kind of way or how I may perceive certain things Ive gone through. I like to learn from everything I go through good or bad and my music are those experiences and my lessons I hope to share with others.